Redefine Q&A's on Discord
with Askible

Enhancing community engagement and conversation flow with smart, automated answers to user questions.

Don't waste your users time letting them search for answers to their questions.

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Flexible Pricing to Suit Your Needs

Predictable Pricing, Tailored to Your Server Size and Activity



Perfect for small servers or those just starting out with Askible.

- 3 Q&A pairs
- 0 alternative questions
- 100 answers per month


Ideal for growing servers with increasing Q&A activity.

- 25 Q&A pairs
- 5 alternative questions
- 5,000 answers per month


Designed for large, active servers where Q&A is a key part of the community.

- 50 Q&A pairs
- 10 alternative questions
- 15,000 answers per month


For the largest servers and those who want the full power of Askible.

- 1,000 Q&A pairs
- 20 alternative questions
- 100,000 answers per month


Effortlessly manage your Q&A interactions with these simple commands

Create a Q&A Pair

Create a new Q&A pair.


Delete a Q&A Pair

Delete an existing Q&A pair.


Edit a Q&A Pair

Edit an existing Q&A pair.


Add a Q&A alternative question

Add an alternative question to an existing Q&A pair.


Remove a Q&A alternative question

Remove an alternative question from an existing Q&A pair.


Show Q&A Pairs

Show all existing Q&A pairs.


Set Q&A Channel

Set the channel where the bot will answer.

/set-channel <#channel>

Cancel Plan

Cancel the current subscription plan.


Check Subscription

Get the status of your current subscription.


Get Support

Get support for using the bot.


Upgrade Plan

Upgrade your current subscription plan.


View Plans

Get information about the available subscription plans.


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